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Distance Learning 8th grade Science

To access Distance Learning Lessons use the following code to join the 8th grade science Google Classroom and access the lessons for the following three weeks. 
Once you have joined, follow the lessons which are listed by day.  You will  have access to the lessons in hard copy by going to the Rivera Middle School office and picking up a packet that contains the same lessons.  If you have Mrs. Barajas, please do your assignments in the Reading Essentials that you were assigned at the beginning of the year.  You can bring your copies back with  you upon our return.  
I will be adding them to the portal as the week progresses but you will not need to upload anything. As long as you have your completed assignments when you return, they will be collected.
Stay safe everyone and remember that I am available to chat and answer questions or provide help during these three weeks.

Supermoon 2020

1st Supermoon of 2020 to Brighten the Night Sky This Weekend.

Extra Credit offer: 
Take a selfie with the 2020 Supermoon (also called Snow Moon) that will be at it's fullest on Sunday, February 9 at 2:33am Eastern time, which is Saturday, February 8 at 11:33pm Pacific time. 
See articles below for more information:
Achoo, Achoo
Donations are appreciated all year long but because this is the time of year we share more than just good time (achoo, achoo), I am open to accept any tissue donations to get us through the winter.
Thank you in advance. 

Notice regarding Newton's Scooters...

Attention Students,
I have received a message from Mrs. Lugo that there are students causing disruptions in their classes with balloons. This is not acceptable behavior and so now the teachers have been informed that if anyone is found with balloons in any other class but our science class, they will be confiscated and not returned.

Hello all Parents/Guardians and Students.
I have checked in the Lab Report #1 "Measuring Speed" and as you can see some of you students have not completed and submitted your reports.  This counts for one-third of your semester grade.  
Make sure you complete it and submit it right away.  At this time the highest grade that can be received is a B...
As of Saturday, it will go down to a C.  
Thank you for your attention,
Mrs. Barajas

Parent Conference Appointments

Hello Parents and Guardians,
Parent Conference Night is fast approaching and I like to open my appointment book to all of my student's parents and guardians beyond just one night.  The following dates and times are available:
      Monday, October 28 from 3pm - 4pm
      Tuesday, October 29 from 3pm - 4pm
      Wednesday, October 30 1:15 -3pm (Walk-ins are 4:30 - 7pm)
      Thursday, October 31 from 3pm - 4pm
Make sure you email me your preference so we can lock down an appointment.

PLTW  Fundraiser!

PLTW  Fundraiser!

Pop-ice for sale everyday after school

In Mrs. Barajas and Ms. Cordes

ROOM 24 and 25

1 pop-ice = $0.50 each

PBL Grades

Hello my PBL students.  Each student that did a PBL project will receive a grade that is worth 10% of each of their classes.  I just want to let you know that my PBL grades have not been finalized.  You may see that reflected on the portal at this time.  I just want everyone to know that the PBL grade will be provided to all 8th grade teachers by May 20th.

Parent-Teacher Conference
Hello Parents, 
I look forward to hearing from you to set up a conference to go over your child's progress.  I am available all week for conferences.  Our scheduled day for conferences is Thursday but if you find that you can schedule another day after school I will gladly set time aside to meet with you.  Please contact me as soon as possible to set up an appointment.
Hope to see you soon, 
Mrs. Barajas
All Skimmers need to be completed and turned in as of today.  Testing will begin for the semester project in February.  Each Skimmer needs to be inspeted for accuracy so don't wait too long... get it in ASAP!


Science textbooks have been sent home. They do not need to carry them daily. They can leave them home to use for study and homework.