Promotion/ 8th grade Activities 2024


Promotion/8th grade activities at the Rivera Middle School*
Keep checking this site for up-to-date information about 
all Promotion activities.
Events: all 8th grade events  are for students who have met the promotion requirements.

Monday, April 8th

Panorama Photo and Promotion pictures taken at RMS

This will occur at the start of the school day.  It’s VERY important that all 8th grade students arrive on time to avoid missing the picture.  Students who wish to purchase panoramic pictures must bring a completed order form with payment enclosed.  Students also have the option of taking individual pictures; students will only have individual pictures taken if they bring a completed order form for individual pictures with payment enclosed.  Order forms will be passed out by this Thursday.

April 8 - May 3  - Tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm are on sale.  Students must bring a completed permission slip and letter acknowledging that students who lose the opportunity to attend will receive their purchased ticket on Friday, June 7th.  Tickets are not date specific so they may still be used past the field trip date.  Tickets may be purchased with cash only before and after school from Dr. Ventura- Rincon

Cost is $45 (Season Pass Holders pay $10 for the bus).  Tickets will be on sale from April 8 - May 3. Forms will be passed out on Friday April 5th.

April 26th - April 27 - State Testing in Science

April 29 - May 25 - State Testing in English/Math

Wednesday, June 5th - 8th Grade Dance in the Cafeteria from 5pm-7pm.  Free.

Thursday, June 6th - 8th Grade Trip to Knott’s Berry Farm from 9:30am - 5:00pm.  Cost is $45 (Season Pass Holders pay $10 for the bus).  Tickets will be on sale from April 8 - May 3.

Monday June 3- Friday June 7 - Promotion Practice

Monday, June 10th - Promotion @ 9am at RM
June 10, 2024 8th Grade Awards/Recognition/Promotion:
Time   9:00am.
Location : Rivera Middle School:
Dress code will be enforced for all activities
No limit to people attending- seating is on a first come first serve basis.
Promotion Certificate.....Hard Work- Cumulative GPA (Grades 6-8) of 2.0 and No more than 2 "U" ( second semester 8th grade year)
Balloons, umbrellas, signs, noise makers or any other item that may disrupt the viewing/hearing of others will not be allowed on campus.
Handicapped Parking is limited.

Only parents with a valid California Handicapped Vehicle tag will be allowed entrance to the staff parking area and only if there is room for the automobile. Limited Handicapped seating will be available.

The main office is not an entrance for the promotion ceremony. Entrance on Passons.