Classes by Grade Level Offered


As RMS  moves towards becoming an IB World School all grades will complete the following:

Students follow courses from the following subject groups:

• Language and Literature 
• Language Acquisition (Spanish)
• Mathematics
• Sciences 
• Individuals & Societies
• The Arts (Music, Visual Arts)
• Physical and Health Education
• Design



The subject content is organized around Global Contexts. They are designed to encourage the students to make worthwhile connections between the real world and classroom learning.


These Global Contexts are:

• Identities & Relationships
• Orientation in space and time
• Personal & cultural expression
• Scientific and technical innovation
• Globalization and sustainability
• Fairness and development


In the MYP students develop skills that help them to “learn how to learn”, the so-called Approaches to Learning skills. IB students strive to be caring members of the community