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****CLOSED APRIL 7****

Extra credit.  Each question is worth five points. 

Use the above picture as reference.  Provide a complete answer for each question.

What is a DUKW?
What does the acronym stand for?
Explain how it work? 

What was it originally created for and when?
Explain the law or principle from our notes that applies? 






****CLOSED APRIL 7****

For 10 points, tell me who is this and explain what he does with the Planetary Society?

****CLOSED APRIL 7****

Extra credit 10 points 

answer the following for each element...

1.  Name of element

2.  Element mass

3.   Atomic number

4.   Valence electrons

For an additional 10 points, make up a word using the elements of the periodic table using at least three elements for a word four letters or more. 


Email me your answers.




Space shuttle Challenger

This is an extra credit assignment so it is optional.  It needs to be turned in by November 22, 2013.  

1.  Watch The Discovery Channel, 9pm.  

     If you don't have cable, you may research the internet for the information.

2.  Write a 1.5 to  2 page report.  

     Include a cover page with your name, date, class name and a visual.  

             (This is not part of the 1.5-2 pages)

     The report should include the following information:


           Historical information of the space shuttle program. 

           Has this ever happened in the space program before?

           What is NASA?

           When did this launch occur?

           Why was this a special event? (include astronauts on the ship)

           What was the outcome of the launch?

           What went wrong?

     Conclusion (Why was this a great loss?)