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I am updating grades at this time.  Grades will continue to change as I continue to add additional scores.  Final calculations are not complete so you should focus on missing assignments at this time.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Wish List

This is my teacher wish list.  Thank you to those parent that have been able to send donations.  They are greatly appreciated.
High necessity items
Tissue box (big priority right now during flu season)
Clorox wipes
hand sanitizer
Elective items for projects
chunky erasers
aluminum foil
tape (all types)
glue sticks
popsicle sticks
tooth picks
cardboard boxespaint of any color
Items welcome all year long
line paper
copy paper
pens (blue/black/red)
highlighters (any color)
white board markers
paper clips (all sizes)
HP ink 950 black
HP ink 951 colors

Quarter 1 Grading

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,
The time to evaluate first quarter grades is next week.  Students need to check the Parent Portal regularly, turn in all assignments when they are due and ensure that all makeup work is turned in as soon as possible. Assignments are being checked in daily and please remember that grading takes some time.    Any students with specific educational accommodations will be addressed when grades are evaluated. 
I will have my classroom available for makeup work during lunch next week Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, as well as after school on Wednesday (which is a minimum day).  
I encourage both parents and students to email me any questions you may have.
Mrs. Barajas

Parent Conferences

Hello Everyone, 
I just wanted to let everyone know that I am starting my parent conferences this Monday, October 19 at 3:00pm and will continue meeting with parent for as song as it takes to meet everyone.  Please email me and leet me know what dates you are interested and I will try my best to accomidate you.
Also, I am still accepting donations of cardboard, old and broken appliances, screws, nuts and bolts, styrophoam and other scrap material you may think is interesting and safe to use in our engineering classes.  Thank you to those who have already donated.  Keep it coming.
I hope to meet you all soon,
Alice Barajas
RMS Science/PLTW/Careers

Constellation Stories

All constellation stories will be voted on in class tomorrow, June 8.  
If I did not get to see you and you want to vote, email me your request and I will send you the stories.  You must then read each story and email me back your three top choices.  Winners will be announced on Wednesday.

Parent Conferences

Hello Parents/Guardians,
This year's parent conference days are March 25 and 26.  As I do every year, I open myself up to scheduling conferences for the two weeks surrounding those dates. This occurs for two reasons... It allows me to meet with more families without rushing and maintain my personal family obligations.  
I will not be able to attend on Thursday, March 26 so I have opened up my schedule starting this coming Monday, March 16.  My first appointment is 3:15 pm and every other day starting at 3:00 pm.  I am also available for phone conferences if that is more convenient for you.  Please email me so we can discuss how we can better assist each other toward your child's success.  
Thank you to those parent that have already emailed me.  
A. Barajas
PS, don't forget to sign your child's Minder Binder to receive credit for this notification.

Lunar eclipse/Full moon (extra credit)

Sorry guys, I made a teensiest mistake...

Tonight until around 2am there will be a lunar eclipse, "Blood Moon" . Check the news and websites.  (Oops... full moon  continues till tomorrow 4/15/14).  

20 points

Take a picture, write a one page explanation of what happens during a lunar eclipse and/or full moon and why this particular moon looks red and send it to me, 

[email protected]


To discourage anyone from borrowing pictures from the internet, please send a Picture that you take yourself or have someone take it for you.