My Name is Carlos Garcia and this year I will begin my 15th year working at Rivera Middle School. I currently teach one sections of 7th grade math, four sections of 8th grade math, one video production class, and I run ASB. I hope this page can help both you and I with the success of your child. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email or call me. Thank you for visiting.
Mr. Carlos Garcia
Mathematics/Video Production/ASB
Contact Information:
     email: [email protected]
     phone number: (562)801-7580
Welcome to room 42. Please remember to check in here weekly to check on the progress of the class, homework assignments, and other news and announcements. Please make sure you check your students agendas on a weekly basis to check what we are working on in class. 
Google Classroom
1st  Period: 5kzexps
2nd Period: fiwj2nv
3rd Period: pv4b2p5
5th Period: f4bead2
6th Period: f4ywzj6
7th Period: sonuepo