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Dear Parents/Guardians, 


I am thrilled to be your child’s mathematics teacher!



Highlights of the 7th grade curriculum include work with linear relationships, signed numbers, probability, solving multi-step equations, three dimensional geometry, and ratios and proportions.  These concepts represent a move for students from the concrete, operations-based mathematics they see in earlier grades, toward the more abstract math they will be seeing in high school.


Highlights of the 8th grade curriculum include work with linear relationships, exponential variation, inequalities, probability, transformational geometry and systems of equations, and non-linear relationships.  Decisions regarding placement in high school mathematics will take place during the spring, and your child’s effort and achievement this year will play a key role in that decision making process.



We will focus on habits that are important to a student’s success in high school.  The first such habit would be coming to class on time and prepared, with all materials in hand for the day’s lesson.  We will stress maintaining an organized, up-to-date notebook and overall organizational skills.  Completing homework in a careful, diligent manner will be another key to success.  Not completing homework, will leave your child at a disadvantage in the classroom.  He or she will be unprepared for the next day’s lesson and not ready to move forward with the other students.  In addition, as we will often be working collaboratively in groups, an unprepared student will subtract from the learning of others.  Therefore, it would be supportive to ask your child to show you his or her completed homework assignment on an occasional basis.

If your student is routinely spending more than an hour to complete the homework, please let me know.  I understand that students have other homework and out-of-school activities and I am willing to make accommodations where appropriate.



Students MUST bring in these 3 simple materials daily unless otherwise instructed; 1)two GRAPH composition books, 2)colored pencils/ highlighters/ pens, and 3)pencils



Grades will be based on homework (15%), classwork (15%), activities and quizzes (30%) and tests/task (40%).  If a student does poorly on an exam or quiz, I allow a “retest”, as long as the student comes to me beforehand for help to ensure better performance.



If a student is absent from school, he or she is still responsible for the material. Students must get missed homework assignments from a classmate or from my page on the school website, and see me to review missed lessons.  For one-day absences, homework will be due the day after a return to class.  For extended absences, students should see me to schedule due dates.


Extra Help

I am available for extra help nearly every day at lunch and Tuesdays after school. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities for extra help.



If at any time during the coming months you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress, I urge you to contact me at [email protected], so as a team we can ensure your child's academic success.  My official office hours will be Tuesday from 3:00-3:30am, but I will make myself available by appointment at other times as well.

I very much look forward to working with you and your students to ensure that this school year is a rewarding and productive one for all.


Best Regards, 

Julissa De La Cruz

7th/ 8th grade Mathematics Teacher 

Rivera Middle School



Chapter 4 Test

7th and 8th Grade
Chapter 4 Test on Thursday 11/21/2019
Don't forget to bring in your notebooks they will be collected!!!