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8th Grade Activity Dress Code

8th Grade Activity Dress Code

The following standards for all pupils are to be observed for Promotion Dance and 8th grade Promotion:

1.      All pupils are to give proper attention to personal cleanliness, well groomed hair, safety and modesty in dress and grooming.  Disruptive, outlandish hair cuts,  make-up, or styles are not allowed.

2.      Clothing is to be neat, clean, safe and non-disruptive.  Clothing and  jewelry  that display alcohol, cigarettes,  violence, controlled substances  or inappropriate  words or pictures are not permitted.

3.      Shoes must be worn at all times and sandals without backs/ankle straps or heel supports are not allowed for safety reasons.  Examples are thongs, “chanclas,” etc.

4.      A single “tank, shirt/blouse” is not permitted and long shirts or shirts with “tails” must be “tucked in.”  “Low cut” and “see through” shirts/blouses are prohibited.

5.      Pupils may not wear sheer blouses, strapless, spaghetti straps, halter tops, bare midriff outfits, or skin tight (“spandex”) bicycle pants/shorts.  Shorts and skirts which are shorter than mid-thigh may not be worn.

6.      Hair nets, caps, bandanas ,  sweatbands  and hats are prohibited at school for grades K through 12 including continuation school.  Exceptions may be granted for medical reasons. 

7.    Large or dangling earrings for pierced ears are not permitted for safety reasons.

8.    Gang related apparel:  Education Code 35183 states,  a district wide prohibition on gang apparel is not allowed, but individual schools shall adopt prohibitions on gang-related apparel in school safety plans and must be reviewed each semester.  Parents/guardians and pupils will receive a copy of their school’s gang related apparel policy annually.

Standard Policy 5l32 - Pupils, Dress and Grooming

Rivera Middle School Additions:

1.    Bare midriffs may not be exposed. Underwear may not show. No revealing clothing.

2.    Pants must fit and be worn at the waist. Otherwise they are considered excessively baggy or sagging to low. No holes or tears in pants. Skin or underwear may not show.

3.    Pants must be hemmed and may not be tied up at the ankles with rubber bands or string.

4.    Skirts and dresses must extend at least to the mid-thigh when standing normally with the hands hanging at the sides and the waist is no more than 1” below the belly button.

5.    Belts must be of the correct size, and the ends may not dangle or hang down. Initial belt buckles may not be worn.

6.    Wallet chains, or chains of any type may not be worn.

7.    Boys should wear dress slacks and shirts with a tie. (Assistance is provided for students who do not own one).

As a basic rule of thumb: any student with clothing that is determined to be too revealing, or inappropriate will not be  allow to participate. 

The regular schools rules apply as written in the student handbook,