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Topics of Study & General Course Guidelines

Topics of Study:

6th Grade ~ Earth Science

7th Grade ~ Life Science
* Cell Biology
* Reproduction and Genetics
* Evolution - Change Over Time
* Earth and Life History
* Structure, Function, & Physical Principles in Living Systems

Optional Field Study Excursion ---> [April 2016}

8th Grade ~ Physical Science
* Physics
* Chemistry
* Astronomy

Optional Field Study Excursion ---> [February 2016]

For Every Standard (All Grade Levels) ~
* Composition Book
* Read the Main Concepts
* Take Notes
* Answer Questions
* Complete Labs & Activities
* Test on EVERY Standard


Attention 7th Grade Students and Parents:
      All Science INB's have been collected. I have marked all assignments as completed that are currently being scored. In doing so, you will see several red boxes, and the grades will appear to be missing and recorded as F's. By doing so, it allows me to find and score assignments much quicker. As these assignments are scored, the grades will go back up or higher than they were earlier today. Please check the portal again as soon as your child receives their INB back. Only then, will the grade be correct. Once the grades have been updated, I assure you that your child will be given time to make up any missing assignments over the Memorial Day Holiday and turn them into me by Friday, May 31st at the latest.  Thank you for you patience and understanding in this matter. Ms. Cordes

Report Cards - In progress...

Grades are incorrect for all 8th graders (periods 3, 4, & 7).  Once your grade has been updated, you will see the number "1" recorded for the "INB Check" grade. Until then, you will see many red boxes as I work through the grading of the assignments.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. It is my hope to have them returned by Friday.

1st Semester Deadline

 The Last Day to Turn In any work is:
       Wednesday, December 5 @ 12 noon.
No Work will be accepted after 12 noon on Wed. Dec. 5th.

RMS Science Supply List

Since a couple of you were having trouble opening the supply list (I have no idea why though, sorry about that, here it is.)

RMS Science Department

Supply List

1)    2 composition books  

(stitched NOT a spiral notebook / 1 for Fall & 1 for Spring)

2)    2 Blue or Black ballpoint ink pens

3)    2 #2 pencils

(In addition to these pencils, Only 1 mechanical pencils is allowed but students must have their own replacement lead of either .05 or .07 replacement lead)

4)    Correcting pen

(No neon, yellow or orange color)

5)    Handheld sharpener

        (with a case to collect the shavings)

6)    Ruler

(must include standard & metric units)

7)    Coloring tools

(colored pencils are preferred but crayons are allowed, NO markers)

8)    Highlighters -

(2 colors)

9)    Skinny Dry Erase Marker

        (No yellow, orange, or neon colors)

10)    Latex gloves

(keep at home & only bring 1 pair to school on lab days)

Optional Supplies - [a set to keep at home is highly recommended for HW use]

1)    Personal stapler & staples (optional)

2)    Glue stick (optional)

3)    Clear tape (optional)

4)    Small safety scissors (optional)

5)    Pencil pouch

6)    Small Post-Its (used as bookmarkers)

7)    Eraser - white

    This list is not inclusive.  As the year progresses, needed items may be requested.  These supplies will NOT last all year. They will need to be replenished throughout the year.

Thank you for being an active part in your student’s education.

Rivera Middle School Science Team / Ms. Cordes

Visit the Schools' Ag and Nutrition Fair-May 15 to 19, 2018

Schools’ Agriculture and Nutrition Fair

May 15 to 19, 2018

Theme: From COWS to CONCRETE (theme co-sponsored by Angel City Press)

Location: Fairplex in Pomona, Building 10


1101 W. McKinley Avenue

Pomona, CA  91768

(Enter Gate 1 at McKinley Avenue)


Admission and Parking - Free

 The Schools’ Agriculture and Nutrition Fair is an educational fair featuring thousands of agricultural-themed projects from over 100 schools in the greater Los Angeles basin and surrounding communities.

 The event attracts school field trips, families, educators, and community members to celebrate the achievements of local students (Pre-K through high school) and teachers, and to educate the attendees about the importance of agriculture to California. [Fair Fact Sheet Link Below]

  Of course, the height of the Fair experience is seeing the students’ excitement as they view their projects on display.

  Events include: All About Animals Petting Zoo, Dairy Council of CA/Mobile Dairy Classroom, antique machines by Western Antique Power Associates, Discovering Science exhibits, AG DAY LA (May 16 and 17 – pre-register), K-9 Unit-Police Dept., City of Pomona (Friday), Spelling Bee (Saturday). 


Fair Fact Sheet

Sea Star Dissection - Due tomorrow (Th. 5/17/18)

* Sea Star Dissection Lab Report completed tonight. 
I will either mark it as an incomplete (60% = D-), give it an F (if less than 2/3 of the report was completed, or stamp it so that I can read through the completed lab reports on Monday when I collect the composition books since you'll need it for your earthworm dissection tomorrow.


5:00pm TROUT RELEASE TODAY ... @ La MIrada Regional Park Lake !!!!!!!!!!

Location and Directions:

15105 Alicante Road
La Mirada, CA 90638

La Mirada Lake is located aprox. 20 miles south of the city of Los Angeles. From Interstate 5, exit south on Rosecrans and go East to La Mirada Blvd. Turn Left and go to Alicante, turn Right.

General Info:
This is a small, urban lake located within the La Mirada Regional Park. It is open daily, 6am to sunset. Parking is free. There is a frisbee disc course, playgrounds, tennis and handball courts.


Did you already sign up and pay your deposit?  Come find out all the basic facts about your upcoming trip to Catalina! If you haven't paid your trip off yet, you can pay your tuition at the end of the meeting.  
COME! Wed. April 18th @ 3pm in ROOM 25A with Ms. Cordes ~ See you there!

PROJECT REMINDERS ~ Due Dates: Research 4/13, Working Body System Models 4/20, Report Forms Distributed 4/23, Completed Forms Due 4/25

Atypical Animal Research Report

  1.  ANIMAL -

     Choose One of the animals assigned to you in March Mammal Madness that is still living.  [No extinct animals may be used for this project.]

  1.  TAXONOMY -

     Identify the taxonomy of your animal in the following order WITH Genus and species underlined.

  • Kingdom
  • Phylum
  • Class
  • Order
  • Family
  • Genus
  • Species

  1.  HABITAT -
  • What ecosystem does your organism live in?
  • What continent or country is your organism found in?
  • What kind of den or home does your animal use?
  • What adaptations (physical or behavioral) help it survive here?

  1.   FOOD -
  • What does your animal eat?
  • What adaptations does it have to help it obtain food or eat its food?

  • Does it reproduce sexually or asexually?
  • How many offspring are produced at a time?
  • HOw often does your animal reproduce within a year or its lifetime?
  • What special adaptation help it find a mate?

  1.   MOVEMENT -
  • How does your animal move around in its habitat?
  • What special adaptations help it do so?

  1.   PREDATORS -
  • What predators does your animal have?
  • What special adaptations / behaviors do they have to defend / protect themselves against their predators?

  • Add at least one cool fact about your animal that doesn’t fit in the above categories.

  1.   BODY SYSTEM -
  • Choose one body system to research for this animal.
    • Integumentary
    • Muscular
    • Skeletal
    • Digestive
    • Circulatory/Cardiovascular
    • Lymphatic/Immune
    • Respiratory
    • Urinary/Excretory
    • Endocrine
    • Nervous

    • Define the system and compare the system in your animal to the same system in humans?
      • How are they similar?
      • How are they different?

  • DRAW -
    • Create a Comparative Anatomy Drawing of the  system you chose in both your animal and in humans.
      • Draw it in your composition book
      • Photograph your drawing
      • Upload your drawing to this Google Classroom assignment.

  • MODEL -
    • Design a working model of the system you chose.
    • Your model should be able to stand on a table without falling over.
    • The model must be able to show how the system functions.

    • This project will be on display at the end of the year RMS Showcase.
    • This project may also be on display at the 48th District Agricultural Association Science Fair in May..
    • Remember -> The Science Fair is an Individual PBL project / grade.  Students signed up independently on the computer via the 48th District's Agricultural Association application process during class 2 weeks prior to Spring Break.