Agenda Slides

Just wanted to announce that I posted an assignment for each class. This, however, is not an assignment for the students. It is a link to the agenda slides that I use to post on Google Classroom. Each day that we meet I post the the slide for that day so that students know what is required for the week and any announcements I might make. Check your student's individual class to find their period's agenda slide. 


Buenos dias, 
I have attached the homework packet for my students. Please remember that if you print out the packet at home, you do not need to go pick one up. If you do not have a printer at home or do not have access to print one out, then you can come by to Rivera Middle School to pick up the work. This is the schedule to pick up the packets:
6th Mon 3/16- Fri 3/20 from 8:30-10:00am
7th Mon 3/16- Fri 3/20 from 10:15-11:45am
8th Mon 3/16- Fri 3/2 from 12:00-1:30pm.
Please, feel free to email me any questions or concerns that you might have. I will be available all throughout the school day digitally. Gracias. 


On Monday I will be adding the homework packet that students will be working on for the next three weeks. Please check back here or on Google Classroom for the homework. Thank you for your patience. 

Hola amigo
I have updated all of the Google Classroom codes. Here they are by period. Double check that you are logged on to my Google Classroom. 
Period 1: 53agb57
Period 3: ykgtvzs
Period 4: s2sxcgo
Period 5: rmhrsja
Period 6: l3njww2
Period 7: 5br7uua

RMS Showcase Project

Rivera Middle School will be hosting s Showcase on Thursday, March 12th. Because of this, students will be working on projects to show on this day. Students have chosen what project they will be working on. Attached is a slide presentation that I showed students when choosing their project. Students will have access to some materials in class but not all materials. Students are encouraged to communicate with me about any questions or concerns. Their project will be due on Monday, March 2nd. 
Slide Presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1SruU3xwpDnlcQaXtjZaoRtgHemvj1FqrESjC-FvYIe0/edit?usp=sharing

Tema 4: Leyendas (Legend) Project
Here you can find directions for our project:
This project will be due on Monday, February 3rd. Students will have time to work on this project in class.There are three parts to this project.
  1. A 2 page story (in students own words)
  2. Either a movie poster OR a book cover
  3. A story board which features 6 scenes from their story. 
Details can be found in the link above. Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns. 
*This project does not need to be scary. Below is a list of legends that are fun and light. Students are encouraged to write about what they are interested in and to be creative. 
A friendly reminder that we will be taking weekly quizzes. This Friday 1/24 we will have our second quiz. Next Friday 1/31, will be our third quiz. Remember that our quizzes are on "el" and "la" and making sure that we know when to use it.
Here is the video of Senior Jordan where he explains 10 rules to follow.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fre-Vd438Ok 
Remember that we will not be using our notes for our quizzes from now on. STUDY!
Hola, I am very excited to start the second semester with everyone! Please make sure to check back here for important information for upcoming tests, quizzes, projects, and announcements. Muchas gracias 

Mi libro de repaso (My review book)

_9Students started working on their final project in class yesterday 12/2. Students will be working on this for two weeks and will be due next Friday 12/13. I added what letter goes on each page below as well as attached an example page and the list of the words the students are using in class. 
PG 1 - A (9)
PG 2- B (5)
PG 3- C (12)
PG 4- D (2)
PG 5- E (4)
PG 6- F (2)
PG 7- G (4)
PG 8- H (11)
PG 9- I (2)
PG 10- J (3)
PG 11- K (0)
PG 12- L (6)
PG 13- M (14)
PG 14- N (5)
PG 15- Ñ (2)
PG 16- O (2)
PG 17- P (11)
PG 18- Q (2)
PG 19- R (1)
PG 20- RR (1)
PG 21- S (10)
PG 22-T (7)
PG 23- U (1)
PG 24- V (3)
PG 25- W (0)
PG 26- X (0)
PG 27- Y (0)
PG 28- Z (0)

Papel de participación (stamp sheet) is due next FRIDAY 12/13
Students always have the opportunity to earn stamps daily. However, if they do not earn stamps that day, then students can come during after school support on Thursdays. Each stamp is worth a point and this stamp sheet also helps determine citizenship. 

Late Work Deadline

Late work deadline for students is this Friday. Grades are still fluctuating so please communicate with me via email if there are any questions or concerns. 

Updating Grades

I have been spending this week updating grades by adding some of the assignments we have been working on over the last few weeks. If there is anything that may be missing and if their are any questions on assignments, please feel free to contact me!

La Familia (The Family) Test

Students will have their next test on La Familia (The Family) on Wednesday 11/28. Please study!

Notebook Check 10/31

Students have an upcoming Notebook Check on Thursday 10/31. There are two things that I am checking.

office hours
1:50pm - 3:00pm
1:50pm - 3:00pm
11:20am - 12:15pm
Google Classroom
Google Classroom Codes
Period 1: xcp6i5n
Period 2: zeo2lrh
Period 3: smjyfcg
Period 4: zyymvm7
Period 5: nm2qeuk
Period 6: li3rzhq
How to reach me:
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