2020-21 Literature Syllabus

Rivera Middle School

8th Grade – Language & Literature

Mr. Isley


                The goal for our classes this year include the proper uses of technology, reading different genres, expository and persuasive written essays, verbal presentations, and listening skills. The Common Core State Standards emphasize these areas of instruction. In order to insure Rivera students are prepared to succeed in all their future academic and career endeavors all assignments and projects will be aligned with the newly adopted CCSS.


Materials:                                                                                                           Grading Policy:

  1. Notebook with lined loose-leaf paper (college ruled) 1. Tests               25%
  2. Pencils (Red Pen for editing)   2.  Quiz               20%
  3. Highlighters – 5 assorted colors  3.  Writing          30%
  4. Glue Stick               4. Homework     10%
  5. Colored Pencils  5. Class work      10%     
  6. Agenda – provided by Rivera! 6. Participation   05%


Homework policy:

                Homework will generally be assigned on Mondays and will be collected at the beginning of classes on Fridays of the same week. Homework assignments will vary, but usually include some degree of studying for tests and quizzes which are normally administered on Fridays as well. Other examples might include work sheets, rough draft writing assignments, or vocabulary sentences… Late work will be accepted and graded at the instructor’s discretion on a case by case basis. Please do not wait until the last minute to complete your studies.



Students who are absent are responsible for obtaining all information and assignments missed on those given days. Students may consult with their peers, with Mr. Isley, or check the Rivera website for missing work. Unfortunately, not all class materials can be duplicated – i.e. classroom discussions and lectures. Therefore attendance counts! Reasonable accommodations for make-up work will be afforded, and will not be counted as “late.” Do not, however, take this as an invitation to take advantage of the system.

 Promotion Requirements:

                As a reminder to you, promotion criteria have been established through district policy. 8th Grade students not meeting the minimum requirements will be excluded from promotion, and from all promotion related activities. In order to be eligible for promotion to High School students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Furthermore, no student may have more than one “U” in citizenship during the 2nd semester of their 8th Grade academic year.


                It is important that you take responsibility for your own actions throughout the year. Remember, character counts! Please make sure you have reviewed all this material with your parents, Lets have an awesome year.



                This is a partnership between you, your child, and me. Please remain diligent in following your child’s academic progress throughout the year.  A few ways you can help accomplish the latter are accessing the Aries Parent Portal, attending Parent-Teacher conferences, and by contacting me whenever you have any concerns at (562) 801-5088, or by email at [email protected]


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