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Student Registration

 2018-2019 Registration information/ Data Confirmation
Parents, registration forms/Data confirmation for students will now be done online! Data Confirmation will begin on July 2, 2018.  Letters with information to complete Data confirmation have been mailed out and should arrive home by Early July. A copy of the mailed letter home is to the right.
In order to register all parents must have a PARENT PORTAL account! 
Returning ERUSD students (This includes current RMS Students and incoming 6th graders whose home school is Rivera Middle School)-  Click here to determine your home school
If you have parent portal you must complete data confirmation via the parent portal. Please click below for directions on data confirmation

If you do not have a parent portal: You must create your child’s parent portal before completing data confirmation. Please click below for directions to set up parent portal.
Please make sure to complete data confirmation via the parent portal before August 6th. Failure to complete data confirmation by August 6th, may result in a longer wait/ process on registration day. 


We will have a room set up the day of registration to assist in setting up parent portal and completing the data confirmation for parents/ guardians. Students will not be allowed to do portal/data confirmation by themselves, a parent must be present to complete the process.  Students will not receive their class schedule if they have not completed data confirmation.

Registration days and times to pick up class schedule (Data Confirmation must have been completed):     

REVISED 8th Grade: Wednesday, August 8th:   8am - 11am only   NEW REGISTRATION DATE

8th grade: FRIDAY, August 10: 8am-11am ONLY

REVISED 7th Grade:Wednesday, August 8th:    1 pm -3pm only New REGISTRATION DATE

7th grade: FRIDAY, August 10: 1pm-3pm ONLY



6th Grade: Thursday, August 9th:   8 am - 11am & 1 pm -3pm

New to ERUSD students:
Please make sure to register online. Please click here to be redirected to register a NEW to ERUSD student.  You will receive a call and will need to set up an appointment with a school counselor to complete the registration. Please note our office and school will be closed July 13th through August 3rd for summer break. 
If Rivera Middle School is not your home school. You are required to submit a permit. Please include the following with your permit: Click here to determine home school
1) Transcripts( grades)
2) School Attendance from previous school year
A permit submitted does not guarantee acceptance into school.