Ecosystem Research Project

Ecosystem Project


1. Essay  (50 pts)

a. Student will choose an animal, alive or extinct. Student will write a 5 paragraph essay.

  1.                                                            i.      Paragraph 1 should describe the ecosystem of the animal they choose. What are the biotic and abiotic factors of the environment?
  2.                                                         ii.      Paragraph 2 should include information about the animals shelter. Describe how the animal makes their shelter and what natural resources the animal uses to make their shelter. Does your animal live alone or with others in its population?
  3.                                                      iii.      Paragraph 3 should include information on the biotic factors that the animal interacts with. What does the animal eat? Is the animal a predator? Are there animals that prey on your animal? Where do they get water?
  4.                                                     iv.      A rough draft of this essay will be due by Monday October 15th.
  5.                                                        v.      Final draft due when you do your presentation and should be typed.




2. Visual (50 pts)

a. Student will create a visual for their presentation.  The visual can either be a

  1.                                                            i.      Poster: Poster should include 6 pictures and 6 facts about your animal
  2.                                                         ii.      Diorama: A 3D model of the ecosystem of your animal. Should include at least 3 biotic factors and 3 abiotic factors of the ecosystem.







3. Presentation (30 pts)

a. Students will present information about their animal and its ecosystem to the class for a grade.

  1.                                                            i.      Student will need to have a total of 10 index cards, with one fact per card, for a 3 – 5 minute presentation.