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Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  I look forward to working with your  child  in their Spanish classes.  Although the classes are of mixed fluency, my goal is to help them learn a bit more than they knew when they walked into my classroom.   As we toggle with the current situation, we will work through the course on a digital platform, until we can resume in class instruction. 


Extra Credit Opportuniy

Bring an unwrapped gift or gift card valued at least $10 for a teenager by Wednesday, December 12.  Gifts will be delivered to the Department of Social Services to be given to the teenagers in foster care at their Christmas Party.    Each year this celebration is held, yet gifts for teens are always scarce as people tend to give gifts for smaller kids.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Tutoring for the week of Nov. 5

Due to a meeting I must attend this Thursday, tutoring for this week will be offered on Tuesday, Nov. 6 from 3-3:55 pm

Extra Credit Opportunity

3 different opportunities:
1) Bring a framed picture, battery operated candle & a favorite item of your loved one  by Thursday 11/1
2) Set up your own altar in the cafeteria on 11/1, must let Mrs. Valenzuela know by Wednesday 10/31  if plan to do this.
3) Come with your face painted to school for the Dia De Los Muertos on Friday 11/2.

Printing Essay

If you are unable to finish in class or stay for tutoring on 10/18, the library will be open from 3-3:30 on Friday 10/19,  if you need a place to type or  print your essay.   The essay is due Monday 10/22, so if you are unsure if you can print at home make sure you take advantage of this opportunity.

Quarter grades

Over the next week or so your child's grade will not be changing very much as we are in the process of writing our first Argumentative Essay.  Between learning how to write one, reading the sources, writing and typing it, it does take at least two weeks.  Due to this the assignment is always worth multiple grades.

Tutoring - Tues. Oct 2

Due to a meeting I have to attend on 10/4, tutoring for the week will be held on Tuesday, Oct 2 from 3-4.  Any student who needs to make up a test or quiz missed over the last 3 weeks needs to attend. 

Tutoring for 9/13 has been canceled

Due to a meeting I must attend, tutoring for tomorrow has been canceled.  Students may show up next Thursday 9/20 from 3-4 pm

Assistance with Autobiography

I will be available after school on 9/6 from 3-3:30 so that students can come and finish typing or printing the assignment that is due on Friday 9/7 at the beginning of class.

Final Chance!!!

Any student with an "F" can stay on assigned date to work and make-up a(an)  assignment(s) missed for 2nd semester for PARTIAL credit.    All sessions will be from 3-4 pm, unless noted otherwise.    In effort to complete the work, you must bring in a copy of your grades or know what it is you need to work on.  
The dates are as follows:
Friday, May 4,
Friday, May 11
Thursday,  May 17.
All work must be done there in order to receive credit.  You must arrive by 3:05 pm.  


Please insure that your child has lined paper in his/her  binder.  We have officially run out of the supply of lined paper in our class including scratch paper.
They should also need to have pencils, colored pens and 5 different colored highlighters.   

Tutoring for week of 2/26

Due to a district training I must attend on Thursday, Mar. 1,  tutoring for the week of Feb. 26, will be on Monday Feb. 26, from 3-4pm.


Your students portal reflects the grade they are given at the beginning of the 2nd semester.  It has not changed for the past week or so.  We have been taking notes on the historical context for the novel we will be starting soon.  This grade however will change shortly when we finish the assignment being done in class and take their first reading test at the end of the week.

 Office hours:
 Tuesday / Thursday
1:50 am - 3:00 pm.
11:20 am - 12:15 pm
Google Classroom Codes
 Per. 2     z5cwdzp   
 Per. 3     zronqwl  
 Per. 4     ut6gq4u
 Per. 5     7jo4pfi
 Per. 6     neh4s6c
 Per. 7      juifqzw