Promotion Information- updated 6-4-18


Promotion 2018

Promotion Ceremony: June 6th, 2018: 9:00 am 

Cars will be allowed to park on field (entrance on Passons) starting at 8:30 am
Guests will be allowed onto campus (see map) at 8:45 am

Guests will NOT be allowed through the main office!! 

Balloons, umbrellas, signs, noise makers or any other item that may disrupt the viewing/hearing of others will not be allowed on campus.

8th grade students must wear appropriate clothing for the Promotion. This includes dresses. All district rules and guidelines are in effect. They are posted on our website. No overly revealing clothing will be allowed. Our students are participating in an academic promotion they are not going to a dance. SEE MAP FOR PARKING INFORMATION and ENTRANCE 

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