Dir Soc Studies-Period 2 - Mrs. Delgado Assignments

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Past Assignments


US Presidents Word Scramble in Google Classroom

US Presidents Word Scramble


US Geography in Google Classroom

US Geography

1. State Activity: Use your paint brush tool to outline the states that ask to color.
2. Type in the names of all the west region states. Use Google map to search the west region states. 


President Matching in Google Classroom

President Matching

Draw a line from the photo to the facts. Use Google search to find answer.


USA map in Google Classroom

USA map

Use the map to answer the riddles.


US Geography Map in Google Classroom

US Geography Map


Your State in Google Classroom

Your State

Learn about your state by researching answers to the questions below. You may use Google search to find answers.


Edpuzzle - US Presidents Trivia in Google Classroom

Edpuzzle - US Presidents Trivia