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2nd Semester Missing Assignments

ALL MISSING ASSIGNMENTS DUE Friday MAY 26th!!!   No work will be accepted after 3pm on May 26th 2017.

Missing Assignments For 1st Semester

All missing assignments or make up assignments for 1st semester are due Friday 12/9/2016!!!!

no late work will be accepted after the 9th @ 3pm

Fun with Food Elective

Hello parents,
For our elective to be able to make fun snacks and learn best about making different foods, donations will be extremely helpful!!!
Here is a list of supplies that are needed: 
2- large bin for all supplies
3- spritz bottle with all-purpose disinfectant cleaner
10- sponge
10- kitchen towels
10- cutting board
10 knife 
 10 mixing bowls
10 sets, measuring cups
Hand sanitizer spritz bottles
10 sets, measuring spoons
10 mixing spoons plates,
3- Hand-held immersion blender
electric burner
extension cord
large skillet
10 flipping spatula
8-quart stock pot
small toaster
oven w cook tray
box graters
potato mashers
vegetable peelers
mini prep bowls (to place spices)
2-3 cup capacity prep bowls
larger washing up bins,
extra sponges
water pitcher
rolling pins
mesh strainers
pastry brushes
Voluntary donations are accepted to offset the costs of the class :)
Thank You!!!

Missing Assignments For Chapter 1

All missing assignments or make up assignments for chapter 1 are due Wednesday 9/21/2016