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Final And Textbook return

On Tuesday May 22 we will take the District 8th grade final
On Wednesday May 23 Students will return the CPM Core Connection 3 textbook

May 5 Saturday School

On May 5 I will have a Saturday school to retake the Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 from 8 to 10 am.

Late and Missing work

All late and missing work will be due by 3 pm on May 18, 2018.
Any late or missing worked turned in after this time will not be included in the final grade.

Chapter 10 Test

Chapter 10 Test will be April 18.
Topics we covered in the chapter:
Volume of a Cylinder
Volume of a Cone
Volume of a Sphere
Volume of a Prism
Volume of a Pyramid
Cube and Cube roots
Make sure to review homework and class notes.

School Supplies

As we finish the third quarter of the school year I want to remind students to make sure that they bring all needed materials to class.
Make sure they have:
a pencil ( 2 would be good if one breaks)
assigned homework.
Thank you,
Mr. Miller

Test Redo

On Saturday March 10th I will have a test redo for chapter 7 and chapter 8.
Students who are interest need to tell me so I can add their name to the list.
Chapter 7 will be 8 to 10 am
Chapter 8 will be 10 to 12
You can stay for all 4 hours or just for two hours. 

Chapter 8 Topics

Topics from Chapter 8
Simple Interest
Compound Interest
Scientific Notation
       Write in and out of 
       Compute with it
Law of exponents
   Page 373 has the list in the Math Notes Box

Topics of this chapter:
Scatter plot
Slope and slope triangle
Line of best fit
Types of association
Equation of a line
Chapter 5 Learning Logs
Chapter 5 included writing and solving linear equations along with writing and solving systems of equations. 

Late/Missing Work

All late and missing work is due by 3:00 P.M on December 8,2017. Make sure to check your portal. 

Chapter 2 Test

Chapter 2 Test tomorrow
Make sure to have all of Vocab and Learning Logs done