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August 12, 2019
 To: Parents
 From: Ms. Cordova, Language Arts/ELD Teacher
 Re: Welcome to Room 12!
 Dear Parents, Welcome to your child’s 2019-2010 school year. All of us, at Rivera Middle School, are looking forward to working with you and your son/daughter this school year. Together we can achieve success in reading, writing, grammar and other aspects of Language and Literature. Communication is very important and I will do my best to let you know what is expected in my class through the website, minder-binder and  letters home. You may also contact me at 562) 801-5088 or via e-mail <[email protected]>.  E-mails are the BEST way to contact me, I check them throughout the day.
 Attached is a list of supplies, class rules and consequences and a wish list of supplies we can use in room 12. Please discuss the Rules and Consequences page with your child and sign and return to school by 8/20/19.  I look forward to being a positive influence in your child's life.
Sincerely, Sylvya Cordova
Rivera Middle School

Supplies List Students should have the following items as soon as possible:
 Quantity        Supply Description
100 lined index cards
12 Pencils/Pens
1  2 inch 3-Ring Binder
1 Set of Dividers
1 Packet of College Ruled Paper
1 Hand-held Sharpener.
1 Composition Book
Students should have all of these items daily. There will be a supply check which will be graded periodically. Additional supplies may be needed throughout the school year.
 * If there are problems acquiring these materials, please notify me.

 Grading Policy Grading
Weights Tests and Quizzes 40% Writing 20% Reading 20% Vocabulary 15% Participation 5% Grading Scale 90% or above= A 80% or above= B 70% or above= C 60% or above= D 50% or above= F.
 Late Work Policy Late work will not be accepted. If a student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to ask me regarding the work that has been missed. The number of days the student was absent will determine the amount of days the student has to complete the make-up work for full credit.
Rules, Consequences, and Rewards Rivera Middle School Rules 1. Respect one another. 2. Be prepared. 3. Follow directions. 4. Remain seated. 5. No food, drink, or gum in the classroom.
Consequences 1. Warning 2. Detention 3. Phone call home/ Parent conference 4. Referral to Principal **Extreme misbehavior= Referral
Wish List 1 box of ziplock sandwich bags  1 container Clorox wipes  4 count dry erase markers  1 package of baby wipes 1 ream of white/color paper  index cards  box of tissues hand sanitizer. Any type of donations (especially office supplies are greatly appreciated !!!) I have read the rules, consequences, and rewards for the 2019-2020 school year and understand these expectations.
___________________________________Date_____________________ Parent signature ____________________________________Date_____________________ Student signature
Please return the Rules form signed only.